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Kuandian General Fruit and Vegetable Cooperative was established on April 24, 2018. It is a "Fruit and Vegetable Cooperative" established after Dandong Dongying Chestnut Food Co., Ltd. and Bishui Blueberry Manor, which specializes in the sales of blueberries and small berries.
Since its establishment in the spring of 2018, Gulouzi Township and surrounding towns have been driven to carry out blueberry and kiwi berry planting and production sales projects. Since the beginning of 21 farmers, 197 farmers have been driven, and the planting area has been expanded from 200 acres to 2000. mu. To solve the local employment of nearly 10,000 people, increase the direct income of farmers by 10 million yuan every year, and indirect income is also several million.
The main business items are greenhouse, field blueberry, kiwi fruit planting and sales. Cooperate with many well-known domestic fruit suppliers and sign long-term cooperation agreements to directly and indirectly supply blueberries and kiwi berries to supermarkets and wholesale markets in 21 provinces, cities and regions across the country. A healthy industrial chain of companies + farmers + sales has been formed. It played a decisive role in driving the local economy. The company takes the head office business philosophy as its purpose, strives for survival by quality, and promotes development by efficiency. We welcome merchants from all over the country to visit and inspect, and cooperate wholeheartedly with domestic and foreign merchants.

The company will be committed to continuous improvement of product production technology and quality, and continuous development of new products to maintain market competitiveness. It is moving forward with time in the direction of a modern enterprise. With "sincerity, pragmatism, high-quality, high-efficiency" as the corporate tenet, we are dedicated to serving people from all walks of life.

Address:Gulouzi Street, Gulouzi Township, Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County, Dandong City, Liaoning Province

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