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"Those who have failed to think about their trees, those who drink their water cherish their source", for many years, Chairman Jiang Xiaohui has not forgotten to enrich the people, and actively responded to the county's poverty alleviation office and the county federation of industry and commerce's "10,000 enterprises to help thousands of villages" targeted poverty alleviation actions, and fully carried out Industrial poverty alleviation, employment poverty alleviation and public welfare project poverty alleviation work.
Based on the characteristics of the enterprise's entire industrial chain and the current situation of Gulouzi Township, Chairman Jiang Xiaohui decided to implement the "company + base + farmer" business management model and order agricultural business model. To do this well, we must first solve the problem of farmers' sales difficulties. As an entry point, signing agricultural products purchase and sales contracts with farmers at a protective price, cooperative farmers in the industrial chain directly increase their income by more than 26 million yuan each year.
In 2006, the company found that blueberries are rich in nutrition and have unlimited market potential. In 2006, he contracted 100 acres of land, established a blueberry production base, and introduced multiple varieties for trial planting. After years of hard work, the test was finally successful, and he selected suitable Gulouzi Varieties cultivated in regional warm sheds, cold sheds and open fields. Under the leadership of Chairman Jiang Xiaohui, the company established the Blueberry Cooperative. In addition to the company’s direct construction of cold and warm sheds, it also signed cooperation contracts with more than 60 farmers. Farmers provided land to build sheds. The company invested in seedlings to be responsible for technology and responsible for recycling and packaging sales. , The income ratio is 75% for farmers and 25% for the company. The annual direct income of farmers is 80,000-100,000 yuan. Drive the development of more than 1,000 blueberry growers with more than 2,400 mu. It has played a positive role in the development of the blueberry industry in Dandong.
My company's large and small projects are connected with the word "agriculture". More than 95% of companies with more than 200 people are local migrant workers. The company has driven more than 3,500 farmers engaged in chestnut planting and more than 1,000 farmers engaged in blueberry planting. Calculated by 3 people per household, it has directly driven more than 13,000 farmers to increase their incomes and become rich, in order to promote the local economy, relieve social employment pressure, and promote urban-rural integration Development and the construction of a new countryside have made real contributions.
Chairman Jiang Xiaohui adheres to the development strategy of "leading enterprises with science and technology, driving bases with enterprises, and promoting industries with bases", and strives to create a new production and management system of "market leads, leads to bases, and bases leads farmers" in order to help farmers increase income as soon as possible To get rich is to take a variety of effective measures in time to mobilize farmers' enthusiasm for planting for the benefit of enterprises and farmers. For this reason, he invested in experts to train chestnut and blueberry growers in Gulouzi Township all the year round, and guided and tracked services on the spot. With training and guidance in fertilization, management, harvesting and other links, the common people received good benefits and the factory purchased good raw materials.
In recent years, a total of 500 free trainings have been carried out and more than 10 kinds of technical materials have been distributed. In addition, according to the actual situation of each village, the farmers who have certain scientific and technological knowledge and planting technology have carried out order breeding, and the chestnut garden and blueberry shed of the farmers have become the company's "workshop workshop", so that the farmers can stay away from the soil. In the case of the township, they become workers and entrepreneurs in the planting industry. This alone can drive more than 120 households and nearly 100 poor farmers every year, increase income by more than 3.6 million yuan, and play a positive role in Kuandian's economic development and poverty alleviation.
As a party member, a veteran, and an entrepreneur, actively shouldering social responsibilities and helping needy families and widows has become an important task that Chairman Jiang Xiaohui cannot ignore. Over the years, it has helped and assisted more than 20 families in need and donated more than 200,000 yuan. Donated more than 100,000 yuan during the 2020 new crown epidemic.
Practice has proved that through the implementation of targeted poverty alleviation, not only the company itself has been strengthened, but also the construction of Kuandian’s new countryside has been promoted, and the company’s reputation has been expanded. , Liaoning Province Science and Technology Advanced Mountain Super-efficiency Demonstration Project Technology Leading Demonstration Enterprise, Liaoning Province Agricultural Products Processing Demonstration Enterprise, "Dandong Chestnut" Geographical Indication Use Right, Liaoning Province Key Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise and many other honorary titles.
Chairman Jiang Xiaohui was also successively rated as an outstanding party member, "the leader of national rural youth getting rich", "Dandong Top Ten Outstanding Young Managers", "Dandong City Model Workers", and "Dandong City Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs". These honorary titles are not only a recognition of the achievements made by Chairman Jiang Xiaohui, but also an infinite motivation to overcome poverty in the future and lead the vast numbers of fathers and villagers to get rich together.

The company will be committed to continuous improvement of product production technology and quality, and continuous development of new products to maintain market competitiveness. It is moving forward with time in the direction of a modern enterprise. With "sincerity, pragmatism, high-quality, high-efficiency" as the corporate tenet, we are dedicated to serving people from all walks of life.

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